The National Debt is going up in America… Joe is saying he reduced the deficit last year…

When the deficit is going down, why we need to put the dept ceiling up?

To pay for a deficit, the federal government borrows money by selling Treasury bonds, bills, and other securities. The national debt is the accumulation of this borrowing along with associated interest owed to the investors who purchased these securities. As the federal government experiences reoccurring deficits, which are common, the national debt grows. To learn more about the national debt, visit the National Debt Explainer.

When Joe is saying the deficit is going down, why the national debt is going up? How much of our money we are spending outside of America to foreign countries?

Americans want to afford again food, cloth, fun… and this is not getting better, right? The food is still going up in the store, why?

What does this help when the deficit is going down, but the Americans don’t feel anything better, it’s the other way around, prices are still going up, right?

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