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General Michael Flynn (@GenFlynn) says these are extremely dangerous times for the world….

We have now problems everywhere in the world since Joe is in the White House, right? We are heading to WW3 and none of the mass media is concerned, right? Under President Trump was peace everywhere and the mass media was talking about WW3 right?

Who pays the mass media?

Joe Biden’s War In Ukraine Designed To Cover Up Illegal Deep State Operated Bioweapons Research Facilities…

It explains why we paying so much money to Ukraine, right?

Seymour Hersh accuses Joe Biden of attacking Russian pipeline during NATO drills…

This would be terrorism to bomb the pipeline and more than a billion people have to suffer from this, right?

Ukraine attacks pipeline pumping Russian oil to EU – Transneft…


We getting closer to WW3 or it already started?

Zelensky wants to make sure there will be no oil to Europe, right? Zelinski does this in the name Nato, right? Who gives Zelensky the weapons for that?

Who approved this, Zelensky alone or the Nato too?

WORLD AT WAR 3 is supported by the socialist… Germany…

Croatian President Calls Germany’s ‘We Are at War With Russia’ Comment “Madness”… WW3

She doesn’t care about the German people or the other people on earth who doesn’t want war, right? She is a socialist, what does this tells us?

Why the democrat, socialist… wants war in Ukraine…

Why don’t they want to communicate with Russia?

WW3 is coming…

A war is always the best to take away what the government did before and was wrong, right?

Russia Warns of Escalation As Germany Greenlights Leopard Tanks for Ukraine

Russia slams German tank decision as escalation of conflict, betrayal of history


BREAKING! Germany just declared war on Russia, Biden escalates with tanks to Ukraine | Redacted Live


WW3 started today?


Russia-Ukraine war live: Biden says decision to send US tanks to Ukraine is ‘no offensive threat’ to Russia

It Was Always About Control… covid-19, pandemic, vaccines, government control, pharma, world order, great reset, food shorted, news media, digital control….

Everyone who was living through the last three years, should see something is nor right, right?

We are having more problems than before, race, skin color, war, man woman, gay, lesbian, straight, church, laws, control, politic, food shorted, price increase in everything, mask, pandemic, covid-19, health, cancer, heart attacks, myocarditis, school teaching, sex, kids grooming, suicide, murder, drugs, overdoses, prescription drug, pedophilia, election fraud, war… Everything and more came up in the last three years, right?

We are doing better now?

What is coming next year 2023, digital…?