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Deception and Lies – Senator Babet’s Bombshell Revelation on Covid Vaccination in Australia…

It happens all over the western world, we were all lied to, and people died from it, right? This is a genocide or muss murder because itv was mandated by the governments, right?

Let’s check every politician and their family’s who mandated it if they got the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine, right? Why should someone who knows it’s an experiment and can be deadly getting vaccinated?

Did the ivermectin ban cost lives… Australia government banned Ivermectin, because people would not get the experimental covid-19 vaccine when they have Ivermectin…



The Australian government forced an experimental covid-19 vaccine on the people and more people died after the covid-19 vaccine was started, right?

Where else in the world they did this?

National Divorce is not civil war, but becoming a necessary reality because of our irreconcilable differences…

What’s coming? Everyone should ask, are we doing better since Joe is in the White House or worse?

COVID-19 Vaccine Mortality Data Flawed: Expert…


Unvaccinated people have less problem then covid-19 vaccinated, and it’s not reported, right? It’s reported that unvaccinated people are doing worse, but we all know that unvaccinated people are doing better, right?

That means they cheated so that more people get this bad covid-19 jab, right? The question is, why, what’s the goal of all of this?

David Vance Podcast…

A Controlled demolition of the Banks? David Vance Podcast

I suppose Silicon Valley Bank was first to collapse. A month before it has been awarded a certificate of being robust and in good shape. Then Credit Suisse collapsed, again after we had been told all was ok. Now, Deutsche Bank starts to wobble but we are told everything is fine. Really?   Find a whole lot more at https://davidvance.net
  1. A Controlled demolition of the Banks?
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  3. The Trump non-Perp Walk!
  4. You CANNOT catch what doesn’t Exist!
  5. King Charles and Emperor Macron!

It’s about covid-19 vaccine, the covid-19 virus, depopulation, the world, the great reset… Listen to David and think about it…

JUST IN – Mislav Kolakusic of the European Parliament says “the purchase of 4.5 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for 450 million EU residents is the biggest corruption scandal in the history of mankind.”…

This more than incompetent, this was done on purpose, right? They did this all over the world and killed people knowingly, right? To mandate this experimental covid-19 vaccine is a crime, murder…, right?