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I wanted to stay neutral. I REALLY didn’t want to take sides… Zelensky and whoever is behind him are a danger to the world…

Who is supporting the death of people? Who is supporting the Ukraine and this genocide of the Ukrainians? Who is giving weapons to kill people?

Ukraine money laundering… where are the videos and photos…

We want the prove with what the democrats, socialist communist are telling us what happen in Ukraine, right?

We see staged photos of Ukraine, but not people who lives there telling us how they are doing, right? We send already more than $110 billions, where is our money going? We see Zelinsky in the news, at the grammy, Oskars, White House, Congress, England, his wife shopping in Paris, we see money coming back to America truth FTX… where is our money going? Zelensky is everywhere on the tv screens in Europe and America, but not the people of Ukraine, right?

Europe only give $10 billion to Ukraine we gave over $110 billion, can some explain? How much for real went already to Ukraine, the $113 billion is on record but it could be more, right?

EU, Nato, USA, Socialists, Ukraine are celebrating the killing of Ukrainians…

The EU France are pro war and killing from Ukrainians, right?

Nato, France EU, Ukraine is celebrating the death of Ukrainians because people are dying from the money what comes in for Zelensky, where is the money going?

The war is against Ukrainians from Ukraine, EU, Germany, France, Nato….

Ukrainians hate Zelensksy for destroying their country and getting half of them killed. “Globalism wanted this not Ukrainians” they say!…

The Ukraine is getting destroyed be the Wets, Nato because they don’t want peace, why? Why Zelensky is bombing cities, his own people?

Everyone who is giving weapons is responsible, right? There is no peace in Ukraine, because of Nato, right?

Turkey Earthquakes… punishment… human made…

The technology exists to create an earthquake like this, right? Why there was no warning when it’s natural like in all other place when it’s happening natural? Who is involved in this? Turkey got punished because they didn’t accept the norths in the Nato?

What is Nato doing? There are problems everywhere since Joe is in the White House and the democrats controlling… right?

We are all distracted from what really going on…

The local news talk like everything is ok, meantime people can’t afford food for the family anymore, right? Everything is controlled by the government and the news media is part of it, right?

Who is in charge of all of this, because all the governments going the same way, right?

Ukraine attacks pipeline pumping Russian oil to EU – Transneft…


We getting closer to WW3 or it already started?

Zelensky wants to make sure there will be no oil to Europe, right? Zelinski does this in the name Nato, right? Who gives Zelensky the weapons for that?

Who approved this, Zelensky alone or the Nato too?

Why the democrat, socialist… wants war in Ukraine…

Why don’t they want to communicate with Russia?

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WW3 started today?


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