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NEW DOCUMENTARY: Vaccine Injury stories they never wanted you to know about…

Like they say in the video, there’re many people who doesn’t even know they are injured by the covid-19 vaccine, anything can happen to them, from one second to the next, right?


Professor Murakami of Tokyo University of Science Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine had plasmid DNA, so when I checked it, I was surprised to find the SV40 sequence….

It would explain why people got this turbo cancer, right? It would explain why so many young people are getting cancer now, right?

The vaccine decreases the ability to produce white blood cells by 50% from your first vaccine…

We see now that healthy young people just dropping dead on the street at home sleeping… right? People who got the mRNA covid-19 vaccine and boosters are more often sick, right?

People had extreme side effects from the mRNA covdi-19 vaccine, and they were never sick like this before, right? People who went true the 2020 pandemic, who worked the whole time and where never sick, got sick after getting the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, right?

It’s said there were different versions of mRNA covid-19 vaccines, that means not everyone got the same, right?

Kids today are sicker than ever…

Why, because of the food and the vaccines?

The Pharma, FDA, CDC is making lifelong customers with this vaccine for the kids, right? Kis have more allergies than ever, kids are sicker than ever… with all of these vaccines it should be the other way around, right? It is not, that means the Pharma, FDA, CDC want to have sick kids, right?

How many kids are on prescription drug compared to 20 years ago? This is a crime… right?

Pill-Popping Nation: America Consumes Half of All Prescription Drugs w/ Only 5% of the Global Population…

Over 250’000 people die because of a medical mistake, right? How many are on prescription drugs? It starts with the food, you eat good the body is healthy and doesn’t need medis, right?

Our whole system is designed to take medication, look what the doctor prescribes, you can get anything and don’t even need illegal drug anymore, right?

The drug companies make so much money in America, when the same medication in Europe cost 10% of the cost in America, why?

Who is responsible that we take 50% of the drugs in the world? Ask yourself, is this good or bad?

Pfizer Hid Data on Waning Immunity as Millions Lined Up to Get Its COVID Vaccine…

That would mean they lied knowingly to us and people died because of this, right? Not telling the people that the mRNA covid-19 vaccine is not working but telling us the covid-19 vaccine is working, how we call this?

EXCLUSIVE: CDC Found COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Signals Months Earlier Than Previously Known, Files Show

Why was Albert lying to us? The problem because of this lie, some people died, right?

“Possibly 1 in 1000 people have been killed by this vaccine. To mandate it for students, I think criminal is an understatement.” -@DrAseemMalhotra during an interview with @ChildrensHD discussing college mandates and a new lawsuit against Pfizer…


I could be in the billions of people who have now problems from the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, right? What we know that more people died in 2021 with a covid-19 vaccine than in 2020 without a covid-19 vaccine, that should say everything, right?

Question, why we have more covid-19 death with a covid-19 vaccine than when we didn’t have a covid-19 vaccine?

Internal CDC Documents Reveal the Agency Expected & Saw Record Numbers of Serious Adverse Effects from the COVID Vaccines But Told the Public the Opposite… “[From these contracts] they’re expecting almost 700% more reports during this time for COVID and they said only 5% [historically] were serious…[but now were] expecting about 40%, so what did they know??”

When people said this, they were blocked, deleted, discriminated etc… right? It could be even more, because not everything was reported, right?

That would mean they lied to us and people got this experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine because of this lies, right?

Who is responsible for that or who was and is on top of this?

The mRNA covid-19 vaccine is not safe and creates covid-19, right?

New Pfizer BOMBSHELL lawsuit could change everything in South Africa & then all over the world…

This could come everywhere in the world, that Pfizer and other Pharma companies getting sued for what they did against the people, right?

The problem was and is that Pfizer acted in the order of the government…

Who is responsible for this mRNA covid-19 vaccine shots? The problem for Pfizer is that they lied and lied about the safety of the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, right?

Pfizer’s Shots Aren’t Safe and Were Never Shown to Be…

We the people were lied to and because of this lies, people die now, right?