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Three years later it’s still upsetting when I hear people died from covid. It’s completely treatable and preventable. Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin works…

HCQ and ivermectin works and we knew this from the start of the pandemic, right? The governors of states banned it, made it illegal to give to people, and people died in the hospital without treatments or the wrong treatments, right?

Some doctors where even fired for giving vitamin C to the patient, or even to mention it that it helps, that wrong, right?

The problem was when we have a medicine like HCQ or ivermectin what works against the covid-19, we would not have a pandemic, right? We only have a pandemic when there is no medicine to heal, right?

A pandemic only exists when there is no medication… an emergency use authorization for a vaccine is only approved when there is no other vaccine for the same sickness…

We have Ivermectin and HCQ what works for the covid-19 virus, right? That would mean it was illegal what the government did, right?

Than we have Moderna CEO who said that they were producing the covid1-9 vaccine already in 2019, that would mean we had a vaccine in 2020 when the pandemic started, and than when we have a vaccine for the sickness it’s not a pandemic, right?

The Beta covid-19 vaccine production stared end of February 2020, but the virus first appeared in September 2020, how is this possible?

Again, when a medication or vaccine exist, there is no pandemic, right?

How they explain this… it was claimed the hospitals were overloaded in the pandemic…

The pandemic was a hoax? Remember when President Trump send the military hospital ships to New York and California and open field hospitals in some places, because the hospitals were overloaded, they said? The ships and the military field hospitals were not used at all, but it was claimed that the hospitals were more than full, and they needed help, right? The lie was so big so that people could not believe it was lie, right?

They even lied to President Trump in this pandemic, right? Who is responsible for all this lies, the whole world went with it, who is on top of this?

It was all to get President Trump out of the White House, right?

Biden Regime Confirms Commitment To “Legally-Binding” Agreement Which Will Surrender U.S. Pandemic Authority To Chinese-Backed World Health Organization “For Generations To Come”



That means the WHO can whenever they want or decide we have a pandemic now, right? That means the WHO is above the constitution of America, right?

Why this is not number one news everywhere in the world that the WHO has power over more than 100 countries in the world?

Fauci Says It’s Dangerous: “Billions of People’s Lives Have Been Saved by Ivermectin!”…

Fauci is a fraud, right? Ivermectin is one of the safest drug in the world and Fauci said it’s dangerous and the governments blocked it… The governments knew that ivermectin is safe, but they blocked it because when we have a medicine against the covid-19 it would not be a pandemic, right? A pandemic only exists when there is no medicine, right? This whole covid-19 pandemic was and is a fraud, right?

Now they say ivermectin is good for the covid-19, it will fight the virus, what does this tells us?

Woody Harrelson Slams COVID Set Protocols as ‘Nonsense,’ Urges Hollywood to ‘Stop’ Forcing ‘Vaccination’: That’s ‘Not a Free Country’…


Every country who made or allowed covid-19 vaccine mandate to work, to go out, to cross the border, to go to a concert, to go to restaurant etc… is not a free country, right? This communism marxism… right? Every country who blocks information, example covid info, mRNA vaccine info etc… is not a free country, right?

Every country who blocked this info from the public what came out was true, is not a free country, right?

Every country who put this wrong info out to the public and didn’t allow the trues, is not a free country, right?

How many countries are free in the world? How many countries respect their peoples voice? How many countries gives everyone a voice? How many countries were wrong and still block the info? How many countries bought the news media in the pandemic so that they report what the government wanted? How many countries went against the Nuremberg Code?

Who is now responsible for the sudden death?

Revolving Door: “We Live in a Completely Corrupted World” … Jimmy Dore Calls Out the People Proven to Be Liars After COVID-19…

• Former FDA Commisioner –> J & J
• Former FDA Commisioner –> Pfizer
• Former FDA Commisioner –> Moderna
• CEO of Reuters –> Pfizer

We were lied to and they all in the same boat, right? The FDA and the pharma works together and people die because of this, right?

Do your own research on line, you will see it…



It is a genocide on the people, right? What was done to the people is worse than anything else in humans’ history, right?

Many people believed their doctors, who got probably paid by someone, otherwise they would have not given this experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine to the people and told them it’s safe, right? Was the government, pharma, FDA, CDC power so big that even doctors went for it and didn’t question it? The mass media stream it 24/7, it was hard to not believe this, right?

Who is responsible for all of that? Who had the control over all of this? Who had all the countries follow it?

We see now how many special young people just drop dead everywhere, right? People just dying on the street, at work, sleeping, walking, playing… like never before, right?

Woody Harrelson on Big Pharma & the Covid response…

“The biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up the media and politicians & force the people to stay locked in their homes and people can only come if they take the cartel’s drugs.”

He tried to warn ppl earlier, this video is from august ‘22

A lot of people to warn the people, we were put down from everywhere like never before… right? Our constitutional rights were taken away from us, right?

Who got rich with this covid? Who profited with this covid? What’s the goal of this covid?

If you think ‘Covid’ was brutal…just wait until the WHO Treaty is signed…you will have 48 hours to comply with Tedros…

Some non-American will be above the constitution of America, do we have to accept this? Why the democrats want to do this? We were seeing it what they did with the covid-19 pandemic, our rights were taken away from us and now they want a non-America to have the rights to do this?