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The schools are getting paid for masking, vaccinating… children…


There is no order what can go against the Nuremberg Code, right? There is no law what is going against the Nuremberg Code, right?

Here is the prove that the covid-19 vaccine was experimental and therefor under the Nuremberg Code is, right?


Startling new figures show even MORE Australians are dying than first feared – after report found ‘excess deaths’ are the highest since World War II: ‘People don’t want to talk about it’…


People are dying from the side effect from the experimental covid-19 vaccines, right? People got forced to vaccinated with an experimental vaccine and now people are dying from it, this is mass murder, right?

When will the Nuremberg Code come?


Austraila is not the only country who has this problem, right?

GENOCIDE WAR CRIMINALS… The mRNA covid-19 vaccine is a genocide, because people are dying from it and it doesn’t stop…

What is the goal of this, depopulation? Why is it not stopped this mRNA covid-19 vaccine when people die from it?

“What I did NOT KNOW was that Mr Macron was not vaccinated. I did not know that most of the members of the government were not.”…

Macrin was not covid-19 vaccinated, it would mean he lied to his french people, right>

The French people were forced to be Covid-19 vaccinated or people could not go to any restaurant, work, going out etc…. right? The only thing they could do is going shopping… The question is, who got not covid-19 vaccinated in France?

Federal appeals court blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate for US government workers…



It was an executive order from Joe what someone has to put in the body and people died from it, right?

Why the White House, CDC, FDA, Pharma, congress, supreme court… didn’t have the covid-19 vaccine mandate? It was to safe life’s they said, why not saving the life of this workers? Was it safe or was it unsafe because it was an experiment?

Is it legal to mandate an experimental vaccine on the people?

The Nuremberg code says it’s not legal to mandate an experimental vaccine, right?


Did the ivermectin ban cost lives… Australia government banned Ivermectin, because people would not get the experimental covid-19 vaccine when they have Ivermectin…



The Australian government forced an experimental covid-19 vaccine on the people and more people died after the covid-19 vaccine was started, right?

Where else in the world they did this?

MRNA INJECTION CRIMES: Criminal Charges filed against 2 Doctors in Switzerland who put the needle into Pascal’s body of a known toxic untested clinically experimental Nuremberg violating substance without informing him about the potential risks…

People getting killed with this covid-19 vaccine and the government knows it, right? This is a mass murder or knowingly genocide, right?

The covid-19 vaccine was black mail and tyranny against the people…

The problem is that the covid-19 vaccine are an experiment, that means nobody can be forced to take it, right? Lying knowingly that the covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective, is a crime, right?

The Nuremberg code says,


That would mean all the covid-19 vaccine mandates in the world were illegal, right?

The covid-19 pandemic was illegal, they lied to us and took our constitutional rights away…

To take our freedom away is illegal and that what the governors did in 2020, right? To mandate an experimental vaccine is illegal, right? To force people to take an experimental vaccine is illegal and at the same time the white house, CDC, FDA, congress, Moderna, Pfizer… staff was not forced to take the experimental covid-19 vaccine, they were not under the covid-19 vaccine mandate, why, is it not safe for this people but it’s safe for everyone else in America?

In the constitution it says equal protection of the laws for everyone, right?

Why there weas no mandate for white house, CDC, FDA, congress, Moderna, Pfizer… staff?

First-Ever Official Apology for COVID Vaccine Mandates… the covid-19 vaccine mandate was democratically voted, it means democracy is failure…

How people can move forward when they lost their child, husband, wife, family members, friend etc…. from the covid-19 vaccine what was illegally implemented by the Nuremberg Code?

It proves that a democracy is not good, when they can vote on everything, somethings like your body is yours and nobody can decide what someone has to put in their own body, right? By the Nuremberg Code it’s forbidden to implement a vaccine mandate for an experimental vaccine, right?