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Paris, New York… people are getting out and demonstrate against the left, socialism, communism…

People have in off with what the governments are doing, right?

It’s all a plan what happens in our western society, right?

Now the Banking problems are coming or are here, right? We have problems everywhere now, right?

The Implications of Red States Bussing Illegal Immigrants to Blue States…

The blue states praised the illegal, what’s the problem now when Texas and Arizona are sending them to blue states? Now New York city and DC have now a problem, they want help now from the national guard…there are millions of illegals… What is New York and DC now doing, there are more coming?

Another Democrat Mayor Is Feeling Pain of Southern Border Crisis as Illegal Immigrants Overrun City: ‘Real Burden’

Why the border is open? Why so many illegals crossing the border illegally under the democrats? The problem is now that states on the border send the illegals to democrat states on the east because they can’t handle it and now the democrat states see it too. Who pays for all of it? We’re still under pandemic, why the border is open? Why the illegals who crosses the border illegally don’t need covid-19 vaccine?

When someone come by plane from overseas, they need to vaccinate or no entry, why? Why is this not so on the southern border?