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The mRNA covid-19 vaccine injured, died, became invalid… testing on our kids with the mRNA covid-19 vaccine…

How can the CDC say the covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective when so many people die, have injuries from the cvodi-19 vaccine became invalid, can work anymore, have multiple problems now….?

It’s even said that the number is minimum now over 40 times higher than the government allows us to know…

We have now so many people dying from cardiac arrest, heart attacks, blood clots, cancer…. like never before the mRNA covid-19 vaccine started, right?

Now the CDC even put the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine on the list for the babies and kids vaccine, when people are dying from it… That means they are testing on our kids, right? There is no long-term study done how the mRNA vaccine is affecting our babies when they grow up, right?

New paper: An estimated 13 million people worldwide killed by the COVID vaccines…

The number could even be higher than 13 million because all of the sudden death, excess cancer, and all other sickness because of the covid-19 vaccine, right? Do we have now a covid-19 vaccine pandemic?

We know that more people die on covid-19 since the covid-19 vaccine started and we know now also that almost everyone who got the covid-19 vaccine was sick again with covid-19, right? We know that so many people have now health problem they didn’t have before the covid-19 vaccine, right?

How many people would get the covid-19 vaccine again?

These Twitter executives will get thrown under the bus and we’ll feel great about it for a few days, but what about the MILLIONS of people killed and injured because of their censorship?

How many people died because of this censoring and how many people will die because of this censoring?

How is it about Facebook, Google, YouTube and all the others who did this?

Is this a genocide of the people?

Pilots are dying at Southwest Airlines at over 6X the normal rate after the COVID vaccines rolled out…

The covid-19 vaccine is killing pilots, right? An experimental covdi1-9 vaccine is killing people because it got illegally mandated, right? It’s illegal to mandate an experimental vaccine by the government, right?

Emergency Use from the mRNA covid-19 vaccine…

Indication, what it means in medical,

What is an indication in medical terms? Does it mean its 100% approved or is there a protection for Pfizer?

Medical Definition of indication. 1 a : a symptom or particular circumstance that indicates the advisability or necessity of a specific medical treatment or procedure postpartum hemorrhage is the chief indication for the use of ergot preparations and derivatives – C. H. Thienes.

What is the different between indication and authorized use

The rich people will not us anymore covid-19 vaccinated pilots, right?

BOMBSHELL – Pandemic of the vaccinated…


Do we have now a pandemic of the covid-19 vaccinated ones? How is in other countries?

That means the covid-19 vaccine doesn’t protect you, right? That means we were lied too, right? Is it a crime to lie to people and then people die because of the lie?

Three years later… the covid-19…

More people are dying then the first year of the pandemic in 2020 without a covid-19 vaccine, why?

Why do we have now so many people dying suddenly than ever?

Under the spotlight: Excess deaths and the Covid vaccine…

More people diet from covid in 2021 and 2022 than the first year in 2020, and it’s not a problem, why? More people dying on a heart attack, myocarditis, lung infection, immune system problems… than before the covid-19 vaccine started, why?

Why so many people just dropping dead now days, when they covid-19 vaccinated?

Horowitz: Possibly the most important study on COVID shots might explain why COVID never seems to end…


It looks like we have now a covid-19 vaccine pandemic, right? More people die now then in 2020 when we didn’t have a covid-19 vaccine, right?

People who got all the shots getting infected again and have more problems now than before the covid-19 vaccine shots, right?

People are sicker with everything else because it’s said that the covid-19 vaccine attacks the immune system, right?



New Zealand Government Report Admits You May Die or Fall Ill After Pfizer mRNA Vaccination, but Advises People Not to Worry…


People are dying, getting injured for life… and this comes out now and not earlier, why? The government mandated it, is it than murder?

Probably this are not all the death, injuries… not all got reported, right?

Now everyone can easily prove the vax should be stopped…

Just read and make your own research about it… What we all know that now more people are dying then in 2020 and in 2020 we didn’t have a covid-19 vaccine, right? Everyone knows now in 2022 someone who died from covid, sudden death, heart attack, myocarditis… and in 2020 most people didn’t, right?

In 2020 every single one died in the hospital with covid, nobody died at home, in the street, at work, playing sport etc… right? All of this sudden dying started when the covid-19 vaccine started, right?