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Listen carefully humanity, you have the innate human right to defend yourself and fight against this war… we all have human rights…

Just remember what happened, how we got forced and lied to… are we doing better now?

Watch Fauci get educated about his own failed vaccine by DC residents…

Fauci is lying to the people, right? Fauci thinks people are stupid, but people know what’s going on, right?

Is this criminal to say the covid-19 vaccine safe when there is all these side effects, what can be deadly?

West Australian government finally releases 2021 vaccine safety data: vaccines have been pulled from the market for far less than this…


The pic speaks for itself, the covid-19 vaccine is not safe at all, right? They lied to the people all over the world with saying the covid-19 vaccine is safe and is fully approved, right?

Chest pain would mean myocarditis, heart damage, right?

How many people were thinking the covid-19 vaccine is fully approved when it was not? The mass media reported like the covid-19 vaccine is fully approved, right? Look what CNBC is reporting about the booster for the kids younger than 5 years old, it looks like the booster is fully approved, right? The words (EUA) emergency use authorization is never used in the Article, right?

What people thing when a booster is FDA authorized and the words emergency is not used?

Just remember for everyone what the governments all around the world did to the people because of covid-19 and other things… social medias where government controlled and still are…

They lied to us and to keep the lies up they censored the truth, right? Who got blocked for writing the truth, and who got blocked for lying? The truth was blocked, and the lies were published more, right?

The US government and social media companies colluded to censor alternative views on COVID…

The government silenced people on social media, right? The truth was blocked, and the lies were promoted on social media about covid-19and the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine, right?

What does this mean for the freedom of the people, the people rights…?

Myocarditis, heart damage in kids…

Every person, every kid who had chest pain after the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine could have heart damage, right? How many people had chest pain after the shots?

When someone has chest pain where the heart is, it means the heart is going to some problems and there will be marks, right? Some are little marks, some are big marks, but the heart will not be the same, like it was before, right?

Everyone should check the heart who had chest pain, just to make sure, right?

It’s common know in kids to have myocarditis, that’s why they make advertisements about this, right?

Healthy people are not good for the Pharma, that’s why they start already with the kids to make lifetime customers, right?

The deployment of the Bioweapon FAKE “virus”, along with the mRNA Bioweapon shots were BOTH executed INTENTIONALLY…

They knew people will die, because it was not tested yet, right?

listen to Albert,

“The greatest perpetrator of misinformation during the pandemic has been the United States government”…

Why they did this to We the People? The government with the paid mass media and social media lied knowingly to the people, why? Worse, the truth was blocked, and people died because of not knowing, right?

Pfizer… mRNA covid-19 vaccine fraud… “Please dismiss this case, Judge, we did not defraud the government, we delivered the fraud that the government ordered”…

The government knew what Pfizer was doing, right? President Trump said it that it’s an experiment and it will not be mandated, who ever want to have it, can get it, even President Trump got the shot and the boosters, and he was lucky? They lied to President Trump too, because he had already the natural immunity from the covid-19 virus and he trusted, let’s say (them), that it’s not in off the natural immunity and he got the shots too, right?

What Joe did knowingly to mandate the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine was illegal, right?

Who is in power over this covid-19 vaccine, the WHO, WEF, UN…? How much power Fauci and others had, have?

Who will be guilty of this fraud, genocide, mass murder…?

The CDC, FDA & the NIH Decided to Vaccinate Babies Before the Trials Were Completed… they didn’t needed studies for our kid’s safety…

How many kids died already from the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine? This is criminal to say a vaccine is safe without a study, right? The kids had no problem with the covid-19 virus, why vaccinating them for a virus what’s not a danger for the kids? 99.998 survived the virus without any problems, how many kids survive the mRNA covid-19 vaccine without any problem?