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We are all distracted from what really going on…

The local news talk like everything is ok, meantime people can’t afford food for the family anymore, right? Everything is controlled by the government and the news media is part of it, right?

Who is in charge of all of this, because all the governments going the same way, right?

Bombshell Docs Reveal Covid-19 Cover-up Goes Straight to the Top… Military…


Is this legal when the military was involved in the covid-19 vaccine? What we know now, who is responsible for the people who died, became invalid…?

Is the covid-19 vaccine a vaccine?

BREAKING: Twitter directly assisted in US military psy-ops…


Jack Posobiec: “We are going to take this satanic machine that you have built to try to control our reality and we’re gonna burn it to the ground.”



That means the military was involved against the American people? This is illegal, right? Who was giving the orders?

Brazil Military Kills “Red Command” Cartel Leaders, Prepares Take Over…

The Brazilians are fighting for their freedom…

Who supports Socialism Communism in the world? We know Europe, China, USA Democrats… does, right? The Brazilians wants freedom for the people and not government control over everything, right?

How can people support government control, government censorship, rising the tax, more fees, more regulations, food price rise… and the income stays the same?

Evidence Emerges General Milley Ran Jan 6 Show, May Have Broken Constitutional Law with Military Acting Against American Civilians…

What’s the punishment when DOD was involved? Nancy too talked with GEN Milley after January 6 on the phone, was that legal?


GEN Milley supposably talk also with China, was that legal?


All of this talk behind the President of the United States of America, is that legal?