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The Pharmaceutical industry, it makes you a customer…

Most the time, you are getting pills for something and then the side effects are coming, and you need other pills, right? It like getting pills for weight loss, then the simple natural way to control what you eat, right? Medicine is the easy way but it has other side effects what can make it worse, right?

The pharma is drugging the people. and to get out is almost impossible, right?

The politic is involved in the pharma, because the FDA, the politic is approving it, right? The pharma is on the stock market, that means the politicians who have stocks from the pharma are making money on addicted medicine people, right? Follow the money, it works in everything, right?

Green Ukraine, perfect to grow, perfect location to grow… government food control… digital control…

The lefts want control over our food production, right? Bill Gates bought so much farmland in America, why? The WEF wants the farmland from the farmers in the Nederland, right?

It’s all about controlling what people eats, it’s so simple, right? Who ever has the control over the food has the control over the people, right?

We have now multiple ways the left can go to depopulate the earth, food, war, vaccines, medicine, water climate change, oil, gas, digital passport control, digital banking, no more cash, nano tech, etc… just look what happen the last two years, right?

Vaccine death, depopulation, mandates, Rockefeller…

They need Oil to produce all of these pill’s, medication and Rockerfeller, found this out in the 20s and took over the pharma in the 30s, right? Doctors who supported natural medication were punished in the 30s, right?

We still living the same standard than in the 30s, because doctors were punished when they promoted some different than the covid-19 vaccine, right? Doctors were punished just to promote vitamin c, and other natural thing for the covid-19 flu, right?

Joe made it even a mandate to get the emergency approved covid-19 vaccine for the companies with over 100 workers, right?

China’s COVID cases may have hit 900 million. What’s headed our way…


They want to scare us again? We have now covid-19 vaccines, when there is so many infected people that means the covid-19 vaccine is not working right? Does the covid-19 vaccine make people sick?

Why we have now a shorted of medicines? People will die because they don’t have regular medicine now, right? Why do we have a medicine shorted in America, Europe and China? This are all people who went to the hospital in China, right?

Is it just the flu and people getting more sick because the covid-19 vaccine damaged the immune system of the people?

How many people got the covid-19 vaccine and got sick with covid?

Bill Gates says how to reduce the world population… what is going on today with the covid-19 vaccine…

That means the vaccines will kill some people when the vaccine helps to reduce the world population, right?

This was around in 2009, at this time the world had around 6.8 billion people, right?


Now we are over 8 billion…


We all know now, since the covid-19 vaccine started, more people die on the covid-19 than in 2020 when we didn’t have a covid-19 vaccine, right? We have now excess death all over the world since the covid-19 vaccine started, right?

DIRE WARNING FROM DR. CHARLES HOFFE (MIRRORED) about the covid-19 vaccine…


What does the covid-19 virus do in your body? The covid-19 vaccine is changing the body? Does the mRNA covid-19 vaccine change the DNA?

The Covid-19 vaccine is a medicine, right?

Everyone should check their own blood pressure, right? When you have a problem in the body, the blood pressure is higher most the time, right?

Immunologist and Biochemist Speak out About Dangers of Acetaminophen for Children…

 “with no reasonable doubt” that acetaminophen causes autism in susceptible babies and children.

Why is it now still approved when now days, it would not pass the tests for children? Why is it not stopped?

Its All Parasites: Cancer / Vaccines / Remedies… Covid-19 goal…


Interesting video about cancer, cancer is a parasite… and about covid-19, what it is and what the goal of all of this is…

Is the covid-19 a parasite?

Pharma industry against natural healing, pharma making life customers… Rockefeller started it…

It started already hundred years ago that pharma went against natural healing,





It is still going on now days, even more than ever… What else will humans do for money? It’s a dumb question, but think about what’s going on now days… Who is in it today, who makes money today on this? The covid-19 hoax is good example to think about it, right?

President Trump slashing EpiPen and insulin price and Joe stopped it…

Trump executive order about putting EpiPen and Insulin price down


Then Joe stopped it in 2021, and the price is still high now in 2022



Everyone who uses EpiPen and Insulin, the price is still high thanks to Joe and the democrats, is this the Build Back Better?