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Until the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s vaccination decree, he tried to demand that we fire all unvaccinated personnel – some of our finest people…

Who regret to be covid-19 vaccinated and who regrets not to be covid-19 vaccinated?

Who is dying now?

Kary Mullis, who won the 1994 Nobel Prize for Chemistry by inventing the process known as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), in which a small amount of DNA can be copied in large quantities over a short period of time. Explains why “global warming” is a scam…

We’re getting lied to from the government with the mass medias, right? Think about why they lying to us… Lying to the people is a crime, right?

Thousands on Twitter Say They Now “Regret Getting the Vaccine” — Vaccinated Say Side Effects “Worse than COVID”…

The covid-19 vaccine is a danger to the people and it can kill you, right? The mass media supported the mRNA covid-19 vaccine 24/7 on the screen, right? The mass media got paid to promote an experimental covid-19 vaccine and it was never said it’s an experiment, right?

We said this that the covid-19 vaccines are doing this, destroying the immune system, right? People were blocked when they said on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc… social medias, right? Now people are dying from it, because it was blocked, and people couldn’t see the truth and the mass media was lying, right? It’s criminal to block the truth and then people die because of this, right?

Who knew that the covid-19 vaccines where not safe, were an experiment, can be deadly etc.. and still promoted it on the news?

Who promoted the covid-19 vaccine and didn’t get the covid-19 vaccine because they knew it’s not safe and necessary?

When safety testing is skipped and a novel genetic technology is rush injected into two thirds of the worlds population, should we be surprised with a Biopharmaceutical disaster that unfolds over the ensuing years…

It looks like a new disaster is coming or is already here from the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine, right?

People were thinking the covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective and it’s full approved, right? There is no long-term study for safety or how the covid-19 vaccine will affect the body in the future, right?

We were lied to, does it make than criminal to inject to someone and not telling them it’s an experiment? Who knew the covid-19 vaccine is an experiment and it’s a test on the humans? The mass media told us it’s safe and it was not mentioned that it is an experiment, right?

Ask yourself, why is the mass media, news not talking about the people who died, got injured, became invalid, who had extreme side effects… from the covid-19 vaccine?

Now we know why the MSM were desperate to keep Tucker Carlson from showing unedited J6 footage…

Lying like this, is that legal in America? When people suffer from a lie, it becomes illegal, right?

“The greatest perpetrator of misinformation during the pandemic has been the United States government”…

Why they did this to We the People? The government with the paid mass media and social media lied knowingly to the people, why? Worse, the truth was blocked, and people died because of not knowing, right?

Never forget how the democrats cheered rioters for 8 Month and dozens of people got killed… the 2020 demonstration happen und the pandemic lockdown and was not a problem…

The mass media even said this are peaceful protest, right? The democrat even put money together to bail the rioters out of jail, right?

American cities were burning, stores were burning, people to killed, we no-go zones… and all of this was not a problem for the democrats and the mass media, right?

Don’t forget, all of this was in the lockdown of 2020 from the pandemic, and this was not a problem, right? In Europe people were forced to stay home like here in America, people couldn’t have more than 5 people in the house, border grossing was forbidden, people all, every single one of the covid-19 people died in the hospitals… but it was ok to go in the street to demonstrate, 10’000 of thousands of people went in the street and it was not a problem in the pandemic, right? That proves that the covid-19 pandemic was a hoax and a lie, right?

Covid-19 vaccine lies so that people got vaccinated and people died because of this…

People lost everything because of this lie, right? People died because of this lie, right? People got, cardiac arrests, heart attack, blood clots, immune system problem, sudden death, became invalid, can’t work anymore… because of this lie, right?

People wanted to protect others with the covid-19 vaccine and it never did and the mass media, social media promoted it when the pharma, CDC, FDA knew it doesn’t block the transmission, how we call this?

Is this mass murdering knowingly people?

“I don’t think Covid was ever about public health. I don’t think the war in Ukraine has been about saving democracy. I don’t think the climate crisis is about saving the planet. The common denominator across all of those three is control”….

In the covid-19 pandemic, the only thing people could do is watching the news, right? It was forbidden to go outside, meeting people, crossing the border, playing outside, going swimming, having fun, going to restaurants, meeting friends, saying goodby to family members… 24/7 the news told us how many died on tv… no flu death at all only covid-19, it was like everyone died on covid, right? On social media, people were blocked who said something else than the news media, right?

Then the vaccine started, and more people started dying from covid and the news did not report this anymore, right? Think about it…