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It proved that three of the most important claims our leaders have made about that day were untrue, they were lies, but what was surprising is how they responded when they were caught lying…

The democrat party is lying, without any punishments… and they don’t stop lying, right? They lie to the Americans, and they don’t even feel bad about it, right? It’s all proven lies and the still lie and never say they lied, and the news reports the lies and never say it was a lie after to the Americans when it come out, right?

How much the politic is allowed to lie to the American people? Why should anyone now say the truth, even under oath the democrats lie, what is also proven, and nothing happen to the liars, right?

Why should anyone tell the truth now when the politic can lie to the Americans?

It started a while ago… since the covid-19 vaccine started… and the mass media didn’t report…

Why were these cardiac arrests not reported from the mass media until now? Who is in control of the mass media, what is reported and what not?

When it was mentioned on the social media, people got blocked for saying it, why? Who choose that people should not know this?

Dr. Malone: The COVID Jab Should Not Be Considered As Vaccine Under New Legislation…


The mRNA Covid-19 vaccine is not a vaccine because it’s a different methodic then a vaccine, right? A gene therapy is not a Vaccine, right?

They lied to us, the FDA, CDC, Fauci, Birx…, right?

‘THIS GARBAGE WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN’: Jordan Blasts Bidens, Promises Answers for Americans…


This never happens before what the democrats and the Joe Biden family did, right?

Thank You Elon Musk…

This is proven that the democrats cheated in the 2020 and 2022 election, right?

Do we have laws in America? It looks like the laws doesn’t count anymore or is not valid anymore, right? Who is above the law in America?

Who is lying…


Sen. Ron Johnson: ‘It’s an Insane Policy’ to Force a C19 Injection…

“The FDA-CDC-NIH have not been honest. They have not been transparent.”

That means they lie to us when they said the covid-19 vaccine is safe, prevents transmission… right?

That means the mandates were illegal about the covid-19 vaccine?

GOP Rep. Fallon: ‘Mexican Drug Cartels Are Controlling Our Southern Border, Not the Federal Government’…


The Joe Biden Regime is telling us Americans that we are dumb, when they are telling us it was like this before or worse… The democrats talk to us like we don’t know anything, and the government knows, right? Who is bringing the illegals to the open border, who is trafficking the people, who is trafficking the kids, who is trafficking the fentanyl…, who?

All this lies we are hearing from the government, ask yourself, why they are doing this to us?

Who is doing this, which party? Listen To Obama…. Are we doing better since Joe is in the White House?

More Lies! Joe Biden Says Gas Was Over $5 When He Took Office – the Price of Gas Was $2.39 When Biden Took Office

Joe and the democrats are lying to the American people, every day… and Americans are not doing good… He thinks Americans are dumb and we don’t know he is lying? Does he even realize that he is lying? Who is in power?

Obama says it how it works with lying, how to ruin a country… accusing the republican of what they are doing… listen to Obama…

Media is lying with the politicians all over the world, who is selected…

The media is lying, from all sides, we all know this…Thanks to President Trump that we know this so clearly. How much more they want to lie to us We the People?

What is the goal of all of this, depopulation…?

Is it a crime to lie like this to We the People?

They lie about, covid-19, covid-19 vaccine, covid-19 booster, Russia collusion, President Trump… directly in our face on the Tv and they know it, right?