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A Moderna study confirms an uptick in shingles. What do these companies do? Create a shingles solution. • Pfizer jab gets emergency use authorization for children. What do they do? Buy a heart treatment company…

They knew all the side effects from the covid-19 vaccine and produces now medicine for the side effects, right? Why vaccinating kids with the covid-19 vaccine when almost no kids dies from it? No healthy kid died from the covid-19 virus, right?

It’s all a money making, and it looks like it will not stop, right?

@SenRonJohnson Addresses Autism Rates & Chronic Disease: “Why Aren’t We Talking About That?”…

Why we have more sick kids now with all these vaccines? Our kids should be super healthy, and no kids should have allergies, with all these vaccines, right?

“Putting this needle with this gene in their arm is nothing short of child abuse anywhere in the world. Wrong shot, wrong protein, wrong virus with a lipid nanoparticle that we don’t know where it’s gonna land. We do know it goes to their ovaries. We do know that these kids, most, have had COVID. You never give a vaccine to someone who’s recovered from a disease. It’s scientifically illogical. So, brain, heart, any organ. Don’t touch the children; it’s abuse.”

The pharma, governments, mass media politicians… are killing our children, right? Never give an experimental vaccine to all the children, it’s child abuse, could be mass murder genocide, right?

Why are they doing this, what’s the goal? Is it depopulation of the earth what has started? Again, it’s mass murder genocide like never done before in human history, right?

Why giving an experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine to the children when they 99,999% survive the infection without any problem?

Never forget who is reporting this and who is pro all of this, right?

Ask youself, who is doing this, the socialist communist democrats or the republican patriots?

‘It’s Time to Start Questioning Everything,’ Including the Childhood Vaccinations…

The Pharma wants the kids to be sick later, that a good customer, right?

People who are healthy are not good customer of the pharma… it’s starts when people are kids now…

With all the vaccine we have now for the kids, we should not have any kids on drugs or have any allergies or any sickness, right? Kids have more allergies than ever, kids are sicker, kids are on prescription drugs… since this mass vaccination started with over 70 shots of vaccine when they are younger than 16, right?

Study Finds Massive Disparity in Chronic Disease Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children…

Who is healthier, unvaccinated or the vaccinated ones?

In this study, vaccinated kids have more health problem, right? It should be the other way around, right?

Our kids should be so healthy, without any allergies, no kid should be on prescription drugs… right? How many kids are on prescription drug now compare to 40 years ago wen there was only a few vaccines? Now we have over 70 shot of vaccines for our kids the first 16 years, our kids should be so healthy, right?

Researcher: ‘urgent’ study needed after 2 teen deaths following Covid vaccine…


They put an experimental vaccine on the market for kids and don’t say to the parents it’s experimental and then kids die on it and then they think maybe we have to do some studies, right?

It’s the same with adults, as long people die on a vaccine, it means it’s experimental, right?

Did the parents know that when they bring their kid to get the covid-19 vaccine that it’s an experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine? Do doctors tell this to patients?

Is this murder when someone dies on the mRNA covid-19 vaccine?

THE VACCINES OF COINCIDENCES… More and more vaccine for our kids…

With all of these vaccines, our kids should be 100% healthy but they are not, right? Do these vaccines damage our kids? How many kids have allergies? How many kids are on prescription drugs?

The COVID vaccines made people questioning everything. Look back 30+ years, it’s chilling what we see…

We have more allergies in kids then before this vaccination started to not have allergies, right? We have more kids on prescription drug now than before the vaccination in kids started, right?

With over 70 vaccines in kids, the kids should be super healthy, right? We know now the kids have more problems than before the vaccination started, does the vaccines in kids make them unhealthier?

COVID Lockdowns Altered Kids’ Gut Microbiomes — Here’s Why That’s a Problem…

With all these vaccines for the kids, over 70 shots and over 16 different vaccines for our kids when they grow up, is this good or bad for the immune system? Every shot is some chemicals what is given to the body what is not natural, can it damage the immune system for other things like cancer, lung problems, asthma…?

How many kids are on prescription drugs at age 12? How many adults are on prescription drugs at age 26? How was it 30 years ago?

How many kids who got all of these shots, have now multiple allergies?