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In McCarthy Negotiations, GOP Landed On ‘Most Significant Win For Conservatives In A Decade’…


That would mean Nancy was like a dictator in the capital, she alone had the power for everything, right? That why Nancy under President Trump could not put the covid-19 money for to help the people on the floor, right?

Kevin McCarthy is already in the House Speaker office…

It’s already done who will be the speaker? Who is in power? Even the WEF is already saying Kevin is the majority leader and so he will be the speaker, right? https://www.weforum.org/people/kevin-mccarthy

Is it voted or selected who will be the speaker in the US House?

Why the WEF is saying that Kevin McCarthy is already the Majority leader in the House?


The majority leader is Steve Scalise, right?

Kevin McCarthy Officially Loses First Round Of Speaker Votes…

Why he loses… there was some threats…

Threatened with removal from committees if they don’t vote for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker…

The congress should represent We the People, right? Is it legal what happen…?


Kevin McCarthy Used FTX Funding to Sway GOP Primaries and Take Out MAGA Favorite Madison Cawthorn…

Kevin McCarthy is against the Making America Great Again movement?

We remember in January 2021, he was not with President Trump, right?

How can we trust someone who is going against someone who is pro MAGA?

How much Kevin knew where the money for him came from? Are politicians interested where the money is coming from for their campaign? Is it illegal to accept money from money laundering scam? Do they have to make a check where the money is coming from?