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Remdesivir contains CYANIDE. People didn’t die from covid in hospitals…

This was muss murder, right? The hospitals made more money on some who dies than survives, right?

I didn’t see a single patient die of covid…

The hospitals made up to $40’000 on a dead covid person, a person was worth more money when they died than they survived in the hospital, right?

Why doctors and nurses did this and follow the order to kill people? Who give these orders to the hospitals?

Fmr. Houston Methodist Reg. Nurse Jennifer Bridges Exposes the Hospital’s Appalling Behavior… this was genocide killing… the lies were so big…

What will happen to the people who ordered this? Who was in charge of the lies? How people died was against humans’ rights in America and unconstitutional, right? Who was and is on top of this corona pandemic hoax?

People were refused simple medicine what could have saved their live, that means it was mass murder, right?

6-month-old #died suddenly: found pulseless in crib 10 days after Covid jab…


The baby died from the vaccines, right? Why are we giving so many vaccines to new baby? The baby would be alive without the vaccine, right? How many babies die like this after getting these vaccines?

How can we call this? The parents can choose the vaccines in the hospital, and can say no to the vaccines?

How many babies die like this now? More babies are dying like this since the mRNA covid-19 vaccine started for 6-month-old babies? We all have to know, this mRNA covid-19 vaccine is a experiment, that means it’s not safe, and they testing on babies, right? Do parents know that the Pfizer mRNA covid-19 vaccine is under emergency use for babies, does the hospital says this to the parents?


“In my hospital they wouldn’t let me use vitamin C… they wanted me to use Remdesivir…

Is this to try to murder people? That means they didn’t care if the person dies?

Hospitals got money when someone died on covid-19, and when the person was on ventilator even more $…


Is this legal to pay hospitals extra money when people die on covid-19? We are all humans, and we want to make money, that means humans will cheat to make money and write everything was a covid-19 death, right?

They did this all over the world to pay hospitals for covid-19 death, right? Can we say this covid-19 pandemic was a hoax and people got killed in the hospital?


Doctor Fights Back! Sues Vax Pushing Hospital For $25 Million

The hospital colluded with the government, or the hospital is under the government? Does the constitution appley when a hospital is under the government or colludes with the government?

Now it came out the government lied to the people about the vaccine and when a doctor was going against the government decision, the doctor got fired or forced out of work, is against the law in America?