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EPA won’t test the dioxin level in the water, ground in east Palestine… covering up what will prove to be the largest and most widespread environmental incident in recorded history…

What is the normal dioxin level and how is the dioxin level know in East Palestine, it’s so simple, right? It’s s cover-up, right?

That means it’s worse than what we think, right? Not testing and saying it good is a crime, right? It’s the same with what the pharma, FDA, CDC… did with the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine, saying it’s safe without testing, right?

Goya ships ready-made meals to ‘forgotten’ East Palestine after train derailment contamination…


Thanks Goya Foods.

I asked Sec. Buttigieg why it took him almost 3 weeks to come and speak to residents of East Palestine. His press Secretary then told me I was aggressive for trying to ask questions on camera:

Buttigieg press Secretary is on a public space, she is getting paid by us taxpayers, she is working for us, does she has right to say she only talks when the camera is off, to us We the People?

East Palestine Ohio mayor Trent Conaway is furious the community came out for a town hall and the railroad refused to show up Norfolk Southern didn’t have the nerve to address the town… What’s going on… where is the President…


Who give the order to burn this down and put everything in the air? Now the rain will bring it back down everywhere, right?

The Mayor of East Palestine just ended Joe Biden’s career on live TV for traveling to Ukraine instead of Ohio…

Why this is not number one news all over the world? It looks like Ukraine is more important than our own people, right?

Hazmat Specialist Encourages East Palestine Residents to Save Their Furnace Filters as Evidence of Chemical Exposure…

Change you air filters in the house because there are chemicals in the filter, and you don’t want to breath this again and again and keep them for prove.

East Palestine Ohio train wreck may have created largest dioxin plume in world history…


When even FEMA is not big in off, it could be the biggest dioxin plume in the world history, right?

Who give the ok to burn down the vinyl chloride?

No disaster assistance FEMA from Joe and the democrats for Ohio… who will help…


How will the government help Ohio and all the other states affected by this disaster? Who blow up this and created this disaster?

When the disaster is so big, why the mass media didn’t report it? FEMA is good in off for the earthquake in Turkey and Syria and the whole world was reporting it, now we have disaster what is bigger and nobody from the mass media is reporting it, why?