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Dominion Voting machines… what does Dominion mean…

Why they chose the word dominion for their voting machine software?

Power Words (And More) From The Latin Roots Domus And Dominari


On the end, dominion means power over others, right? The word dominion has nothing to do with democracy, or it does… why the dominion voting software is using this name?

FOX News Filing Shows DOMINION Voting Systems Executives Including Eric Coomer Knew Its Voting Systems Had Major Security Issues, Was Hacked, and Was “Riddled with Bugs”…


That would mean we were right and they were wrong, right? Mike Lindel was right, the dominion voting machines are not secure, it was done on purpose, right?

With saying the voting machines were secure and knowing they were not, it’s a crime, right? The same machines were used in the 2020 election, right? That would mean the 2022 election was a fraud too, right?

Not knowing if the machines a secure makes them invalid for a election, right?

President Trump won the 2020 election, right?

Arizona, where the ballots are coming from… nobody knows or who knows…

In Arizona 25% of voting machines where down, witch software the machines have in Arizona?

Is this a crime to count ballots where we don’t know where they coming from?

Whistleblower inside Dominion voting System…

Look what the military says in Brazil, about voting machines…

Which voting system was used in Brazil? Do we have the same coting system in America? Every voting system from a private company has secret, right? When someone says we can trust or we have to trust, that means there is no trust, right?

Is it a crime to hide data from the voting machines system when the government ask?

Arizona IT and Elections Expert: Elections Assistance Commission Was Aware That Machines Could Be Hacked in Minutes…

A machine to be hacked, that means the machine is online, right? Can a voting machine be online, is that legal?