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Do Doctors follow the Hippocrates Oath…


The Original Version
I swear by Apollo the healer, by Aesculapius, by Health and all the powers of healing, and call to witness all the gods and goddesses that I may keep this Oath and Promise to the best of my ability and judgement.
I will pay the same respect to my master in the Science as to my parents and share my life with him and pay all my debts to him. I will regard his sons as my brothers and teach them the Science, if they desire to learn it, without fee or contract. I will hand on precepts, lectures and all other learning to my sons, to those of my master and to those pupils duly apprenticed and sworn, and to none other.

I will use my power to help the sick to the best of my ability and judgement; I will abstain from harming or wronging any man by it.
I will not give a fatal draught to anyone if I am asked, nor will I suggest any such thing. Neither will I give a woman means to procure an abortion.

I will not cut, even for the stone, but I will leave such procedures to the practitioners of that craft.
Whenever I go into a house, I will go to help the sick and never with the intention of doing harm or injury. I will not abuse my position to indulge in sexual contacts with the bodies of women or of men, whether they be freemen or slaves.
Whatever I see or hear, professionally or privately, which ought not to be divulged, I will keep secret and tell no one.

If, therefore, I observe this Oath and do not violate it, may I prosper both in my life and in my profession, earning good repute among all men for my time. If I transgress and forswear this oath, may my lot be otherwise.


Do doctors follow this oath?

They paid doctors and nurses to murder innocent patients. They faked Covid cases and deaths to instill fear in the population. They denied safe early treatments murdering millions of innocent people…

They murdered people, it was mass murder, right? They scared us to death and put people to death, right?

People know what they did to us,

When a doctor gets paid to kill people knowingly, what will happen?

California covid-19 vaccine injuries and death…

This is criminal what Newson did in California, right? It happen everywhere in America and the World, and the CDC FDA is still saying it’s safe the covid-19 vaccines, right?

California Physician Says He Has Treated Hundreds of COVID Vaccine-Related Injuries…

Criminal to say the covid-19 vaccine and boosters are safe?

The hospitals and fake doctors poison pushes are absolutely murdering the unvaccinated…

How many unvaccinated people got killed in the hospitals?

Allegation: Some Drs secretly given the chance by their hospital employer to fake getting Covid vaccine…

How many doctors got a fake covid-19 vaccine and the same doctors gave the covid-19 vaccine to patients and said to them it’s safe? Is this against the doctors oath?

Doctors/GPs Australia not covered under vaccine scheme. ATAGI, AHPRA cancel docs if provide informed consent but no one’s going to protect them from being sued if harms encountered by fraudulent risky gene therapies sold as #vaccines regardless of Royal Commission on Covid needed

Doctors can be suit for giving a deadly covid-19 vaccine? The government is protected to force doctor to give a deadly vaccine to the people? More people are dying now from covid-19 than the first year without a covid-19 vaccine, right?

Who is responsible for the death from the covid-19 vaccine?