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The new world order is coming when we let it happen… It’s also called build back better, the great reset…

Our human rights were taken away in 2020, 2021, 2022 with this pandemic, right? Think about what the governments did to us the people…

The base of all of this control is everything become digital, and it will get worse because the governments have now an on and off button on everything when it’s digital, right?

The covid-19 pandemic was only the start… we have to resist… for our freedom…

Green Ukraine, perfect to grow, perfect location to grow… government food control… digital control…

The lefts want control over our food production, right? Bill Gates bought so much farmland in America, why? The WEF wants the farmland from the farmers in the Nederland, right?

It’s all about controlling what people eats, it’s so simple, right? Who ever has the control over the food has the control over the people, right?

We have now multiple ways the left can go to depopulate the earth, food, war, vaccines, medicine, water climate change, oil, gas, digital passport control, digital banking, no more cash, nano tech, etc… just look what happen the last two years, right?

Government control with a button to switch to off no power, switch on power… everything can be of when everything is digital…

We were seeing it in Canada, they could freeze everything from the truckers, right? No more banking, no more money, no more driving, no more… they even could look you in your own house, right? Every app on your phone could be frozen or turned off, think about what is already controlled by apps?

This is the beauty of digital for the government, everything can be turned off with a button… right? It could even said what you can buy today in the store today… like today there is not meat for you, or you bought already to much meat this month and now you have to wait until next month, right?

They even could say to you, you have no access to this facility because you don’t have this vaccine, remember?

Everything will be controlled by some people with this digital, app, and you better behave, or they can turn you off right?

Digital censorship… will it get better or much worse..

Digital control = slavery? Mass controlling just with a on and off click in anything, right?

Bank for International Settlements will have the full control over the people and more…

This will be slavery, people will have no rights anymore, right? It was already tested with this covid-19 pandemic lies, right? The problem is it worked… Everything digital means someone has control over your thinking, behavior… you do wrong something digital will be turned off, so simple, right? Look what they did with the digital covid-19 vaccine passport, you don’t have it, you don’t have access, right?

Artificial intelligence ChatGPT program successfully passes Bar, medical licensing exams – are machines taking over the world…


It’s in full gear that computers are taking over, right?

It’s already in progress to make humans like we want or need, right?

Of course, we need also the digital dollar, because otherwise people are still to free, rgiht?

Everything has to digital; computer will decide for the humans, what is right and what is wrong, right?

Jordan Peterson in interview with Rita Panahi explains the masses will blindly walk into a social credit system…

Full interview

People not even noticing it that we went already far, for the digital control in the last 2 years, right? Again, how the most people getting the information?

When everyone is realizing it, it’s already too late and the governments know this, right? The best test run was the covid-19 pandemic with the covid-19 vaccines, and the test was successful, right? The control went to the next level and still people going with it and at the same time they are losing their freedom and rights, right? Just check your wallet, can you afford things the same way than under President Trump? Do you pay more taxes now? Just think, how controlled we are already…

How is it with this Build Back Better, we are better?

Dr. Robert Malone Discusses The Covid Vaccines And Digital Health Passports Pushed By G20…


When we need a health passport to travel, that means total government control, right? We see now what the government are doing with this covid lies and the deadly covid-19 vaccines… it’s all about control, right?

You don’t have the right health treatment or vaccines… you not allowed to travel, is that what we the people want?

Think about it, how it started, it was a lie?