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Having come from the world of Big Pharma, Ashley was devastated to discover her batch was known as ‘the death batch’ and the Australian TGA knew about it. Still suffering heart issues 18 months after her booster she joined a local support group which now has over 700 members…


Different batches of the covid-19 vaccines, a list


Who knew the covid-19 vaccine is dangerous and didn’t get the jab? Did Albert Bourla get his mRNA covid-19 vaccine and boosters from his Pfizer company?

Who lied to the people with saying they got the covid-19 vaccine so that the people get it too?

Euthanasia Has Become Leading Cause Of Death In Canada, Canada Becomes Culling Humans – TimcastIRL

“Now in Canada, they’re currently having a debate over whether or not to extend euthanasia to children.” – Tim Pool

The government in Canada wants that their own people want to be killed? They want this now too for kids, without their parents’ consent?

Where’re we going? Who are this people who gives the death shot to people in Canada?