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Maternal death rate is on the rise in the US, the CDC reports…


What has changed in 2021? Could it be that the experimental covid-19 vaccine started? It was said the mRNA covid1-9 vaccine is safe for everyone, right? Now we have maternal deaths are rising, the problem is the mRNA covid-19 vaccine because there was no study done and still now it’s not, right?

How is it in other countries where everyone got the mRNA covid-19 vaccine?

Fauci, Lockdowns are here to get people vaccinated…

That what the government did, and governors from some states made it even a mandate to be vaccinates, right? Joe even mandated it for all the companies with more than 100 workers to mandate it too, right?

The White House staff, CDC, FDA, congress, supreme court, Pfizer, Moderna etc… where excluded from the executive order mandate from Joe, the question is why they were excluded, right?

@DowdEdward: The Employed Population Has Basically Been Poisoned…

The problem was the mandate about the experimental covid-19 vaccine, right?

In 2019 Stéphane Bancel, CEO Moderna Tells His Team That There’s Going To Be A Pandemic In 2020, “We Need To Make A Billion Doses Next Year, there Is Going To Be A Pandemic.”

It was all planned and they lied to us, right?

The whole pandemic was a lie because the Moderna staff didn’t had a covid-19 vaccine mandate, like Pfizer, White House etc… only we the people got a covid-19 vaccine mandate, right? This should be in off to say we never had a pandemic, right?

Why when a company produces a safe vaccine, the company’s workers will not get it? The with why the staff from the president who makes a mandate, the mandate will not apply to his staff? The CDC says the covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective, why the workers from the CDC didn’t have the covid-19 vaccine mandate when it’s safe, the covid-19 vaccine?

Who else did this to the people of any country in the world…

It happens everywhere in America and Europe the same way… right? Justin was not alone, how many Presidents, PM, Politicians did the same to the people?

When someone can’t go to a restaurant because the person didn’t have the experimental covid-19 vaccine, we can say it’s a mandate, right? When the liberty, happiness, livelihood is taken away when someone doesn’t have a vaccine, it’s a mandate, right?

It was even forbidden to demonstrate the covid-19 pandemic, right?

Sen. Ron Johnson: ‘It’s an Insane Policy’ to Force a C19 Injection…

“The FDA-CDC-NIH have not been honest. They have not been transparent.”

That means they lie to us when they said the covid-19 vaccine is safe, prevents transmission… right?

That means the mandates were illegal about the covid-19 vaccine?

No Covid-19 vaccine mandate… for these employees…

Was it criminal to mandate this covid-19 vaccine mandate? When you read the Nuremberg Code, it’s illegal to mandate an experimental vaccine and the covid-19 vaccine is and experimental vaccine why they did this to We The People in America?

Covid-19 Vaccine Illegally Administered, per Military Whistleblower Report – The New American


Everyone can check the laws for vaccine injuries and damage, how the pharma is responsible, and you can sue…

42 USC 300aa-23: Trial Text contains those laws in effect on August 29, 2022

(d) Punitive damages

(1) If sought by the plaintiff, the third stage of such an action shall be held to determine the amount of punitive damages a vaccine manufacturer found to be liable under section 300aa–22 of this title shall be required to pay.

(2) If in such an action the manufacturer shows that it complied, in all material respects, with all requirements under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act [21 U.S.C. 301 et seq.] and this chapter applicable to the vaccine and related to the vaccine injury or death with respect to which the action was brought, the manufacturer shall not be held liable for punitive damages unless the manufacturer engaged in-

(A) fraud or intentional and wrongful withholding of information from the Secretary during any phase of a proceeding for approval of the vaccine under section 262 of this title,

(B) intentional and wrongful withholding of information relating to the safety or efficacy of the vaccine after its approval, or

(C) other criminal or illegal activity relating to the safety and effectiveness of vaccines,

When the label was wrong on the vaccine, the pharma is responsible, right?

When the pharma lies, then the pharma is responsible, right?