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Young people are dying now from heart attacks everywhere… it’s also called sudden death…


The covid-19 vaccine is killing people, right? Who got the covid-19 vaccine from the politicians and from the top of the mass media who promoted it?

Why the white house stuff, Moderna, CDC, FDA, WHO, UN, Pfizer supreme court etc. didn’t have the covid-19 vaccine mandate when over 100 million Americans had to do it because of an executive order from Joe?


Pilot covid-19 vaccine mandate, not safe to fly anymore for the people…

That would mean the pilots are not so healthy any more than before the covid-19 vaccine started, right? How many pilots we have who are not covid-19 vaccinated?

The rich and the politicians are demanding now that their pilot has to be unvaccinated, right? Is it safe for people to fly commercial with covid-19 vaccinated pilots??

The pilots suing now the Biden administration for the covid-19 vaccine mandate, because it was against the law the mandate, right?

Covid-19 vaccine mandate only for We the People, not for the government, CDC, FDA, Pharma, congress, white house…

What does this mean, is the covid-19 vaccine safe how they say it, when they not using it for them self?

Remember, companies with over 100 workers had to mandate the covid-19 vaccine Joe said to us, right?


All of these presidents, CEO of this companies got the covid-19 vaccine too, like they workers had to?


Why didn’t the White House stuffers have a covid-19 vaccine mandate?

The Biden Administration is Dealt Major Court Defeat on Its Covid Vaccine Mandate…

Joe acted against the constitution, is this legal for the Joe to do? That would mean any company who mandate the covid-19 vaccine for their workers acted against the constitution too?

Who is responsible when some dies because of the covid-19 vaccine mandate?

Covid-19 questions about masks, six feet, social distancing, covid-19 vaccine, vaccine passport, covid-19 vaccine death, covid-19 vaccine mandate…

Who can answer these questions from the government? We were forced to stay home, not to work, not to go out, no fun, no playing, to get an experimental covid-19 vaccine… why? Now we know more people died in 2020 when we didn’t have a covid019 vaccine than in 2021 when we had a covid-19 vaccine, why?

Why is the government saying the covid-19 vaccine is safe when people are dying on the covid-19 vaccine? Why people have a problem now when someone dies to ask if the person had the covid-19 vaccine?

Why they wanted to hide the Pfizer documents about the covid-19 vaccine for 75 years?

Why companies with over 100 workers had to mandate an experimental covid-19 vaccine? How many people died or couldn’t work anymore in the companies after getting the mandated covid-19 vaccine?

Why the White House workers, USPS, Pfizer, Moderna, Supreme Court, Congress, FDA, CDC, illegal aliens… didn’t were forced with a mandate t be covid-19 vaccinated in America? All of them have more than 100 workers, right?

Katie Hopkins on “Died Suddenly”…

How many people die suddenly and are not athletes?

This report is more than a year old, it’s already going on since a while…

Joe Biden just extended the vaccine mandates for none-citizen international arrivals… The extreme sudden death started with the covid-19 vaccine; can we say the covid-19 vaccine is part responsible for that? When yes, why the mandate got extended for arrivals in America?

Pilots Suing Biden’s Administration…

How many pilots had problems when they were flying a plane since the covid-19 vaccine started? How many pilots died when they were flying a plane since the covid-19 vaccine started?

Big Pharma showing signs of collapse as critical mass of population no longer trusts vaccine scam…


People start to understand that the covid-19 vaccine is damaging people more than the covid-19 virus, right?

The problem is that companies mandated a vaccine what can kill you, what make you disabled… and when you survive but being damaged for live, you can’t do anything, you alone are responsible, right? There has to be something, when you get lied to and getting damage from it, it’s criminal, right?

BOMBSHELL: Ed Dowd Reports Of Disability Rate Increase Directly Related To COVID-19 Jab…


More people get now disabled and the only thing what changed the last two years is the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, right?

Just check the numbers of with the covid-19 vaccine and without… more than ever dies, become invalid… from the covid-19 vaccine than all other vaccine combines since it started, right? We have problem, right?

Exempt from Biden’s mRNA covid vaccine mandates…

Everyone should ask them self, why these branches were exempted from the covid-19 vaccine mandate, right? The covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective when we listen to the CDC, why they don’t want to protect their own workers when it’s safe and effective?