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DOJ Decided Against Having FBI Agents Monitor Search by Biden’s Personal Lawyers For Classified Documents…

It would mean that the lawyers from Joe acted against the law with knowingly searching top secret material, right? Why the FBI and Garland acepct that the lawyers from Joe can go truth top secret material?

This is a crime what the lawyers are doing, or they have the right to search top secret material without a security clearance?

Biden Classified Documents Finding Undermines Trump Prosecution

It’s simple, as VP it was for Joe not legal to have classified information, and as VP Joe couldn’t declassify and top-secret papers, right?

President Trump had non classified information, because President Trump did declassify the classified documents, right?

It’s not legal for Joe to be President of the USA with what he did with classified information in 2017 truth January 20, 2021, right?

That would mean President Trump is President of the USA, right?

Classified documents found in Biden’s Delaware garage next to his Corvette…


When the garage is locked, the classified information is safe?

Joe put our country at risk with the illegal possession of classified information?

SECOND BATCH of classified documents discovered by Biden aides…


Now we have the possibility that there is even more of classified documents somewhere, the FBI starts now to search all of Joes properties? This is criminal, to have classified documents, right?

Who had access to the classified documents?

Penn Biden Center business… China…

China is giving money to the Penn Biden Center, that means they working together, right?

How much money Joe got from China? When someone gives you money, you have to do something in exchange, right? When you give money to someone, you want something in exchange, right?

How does politic works, when the government gives billions of dollars to another country, who is getting something for that, the American people, politicians, private people…?

Report: Joe Biden Left Classified Documents in an Old Office…


This illegal what Joe Biden did, Joe is official a criminal, right? When will be his personal house search, like from President Trump? A VP can’t declassify documents, that means what Joe did is criminal, that would also mean he can’t be President, right?