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Lawsuit Finds Dominion Voting Systems Knew Their Machines Were ‘Rigged’…

Is it allowed to have voting machines in our election where they can’t say the machines are safe from election interferent’s? When Dominion knew the machines are not secure, is it than an illegal election interferents to say they are, because that’s what Dominion did, right?

The same problem was in the 2022 election, because the Dominion machines were used again, right?


How much can a foreign country legally interfere in our election/?

FOX News Filing Shows DOMINION Voting Systems Executives Including Eric Coomer Knew Its Voting Systems Had Major Security Issues, Was Hacked, and Was “Riddled with Bugs”…


That would mean we were right and they were wrong, right? Mike Lindel was right, the dominion voting machines are not secure, it was done on purpose, right?

With saying the voting machines were secure and knowing they were not, it’s a crime, right? The same machines were used in the 2020 election, right? That would mean the 2022 election was a fraud too, right?

Not knowing if the machines a secure makes them invalid for a election, right?

President Trump won the 2020 election, right?

Judge orders Biden DHS to release files on agents who ‘helped censor election misinformation’…

Who gave the order to sensor people on social media for misinformation what came out now it the truth? We have freedom of speech here in America, right? Why the government can do this?

WW3 is coming…

A war is always the best to take away what the government did before and was wrong, right?

Election Integrity Watchdog Finds 10.9 Million 2022 Midterm Mail-In Ballots ‘Unaccounted For’ in California…


That means it’s heaven to cheat, right? Everywhere were mailing voting was used, was a cheat going on? When the government can’t say it’s safe, then it can’t be used normally, right?

It was a mess in the 2020 election and in the 2022 election, right?

Nothing is clear, how can an election happen when nobody knows anything? Who knows all of this happen and why, was it planned? Some has to know… right?

The election in California was rigged, right? When they can’t say it was rigged and they can’t say it was safe, that means the election in invalid, right?

@KariLake: “They forced 100’s of 1000’s of invalid ballots in to be counted in the legal count. Sabotaged Election Day by making sure that the tabulators wouldn’t read the ballots because they intentionally misprinted… & we already know that 179,000 ballots were spit out”…

The prove is here, why is Katie Hobbs Governor?

Illegals are mor important than Americans for Katie Hobbs, why?

Do Americans like this what Katie Hobbs is doing?

We all were seeing it… when the windows were covert, when the counting stopped in the swing states at around 10pm, president trump was leading in all swing states and in the morning in all swing states joe won…

No court let the republicans show the evidence, that means it’s still going on, right? No decision, means it’s not over, right?

TGP Exclusive Coverage of Historic Lycoming County, PA 2020 Presidential Election Recount…

Why was the tally sheet not handed over for transparency? It will come out on January 24th, 2023, a lot can happen with the tally sheets, right? The outcome has changed who won, that’s why it’s not puplic yet?

Today in the Supreme Court 1.6.2023… These Utah brothers want the Supreme Court to remove Joe Biden from the White House, reinstate Donald Trump…


This should be big news everywhere, right? Why is it not big news in America?

Certifiying an election that they know to be fraudulent is a felony…

It happened also in the 2020 election?