Taking away the puberty from kids, growing up, lying to parents, testing on kids…

How many young adults think after going true a sex change as a kid, that it was wrong what happen with them in puberty or before? How many thinks as an adult it was good what happen (sex change) to them as kid?

How many regrets transitioning when they wear growing up? It’s all a testing, because we don’t even know yet exactly what will happen to the bodies when they not going to the puberty of life, right?

Why it’s pushed now even earlier, like kids when they 10 years old or even younger? A lot of girls or boys play with barnies, boy toys etc… and then when the puberty starts everything changes, right?

Does a young adult who had a sex change as kid or teen have any right as adult to sue the doctors, teachers etc… who convinced them to a sex change as kid, when they don’t agree as young adult anymore?

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