American food, what makes people getting fat…

What is in our food? When you look at the ingrediencies list from a bread, there’re mor than 25 ingrediencies but to make bread you need only water, yeast, salt and flower, right?

Why there are so many things in a bread?

What the fast-food industries is putting in our food, because after an hour, you’re hungry again, right?

When someone is eating healthy, it means good vegetables, good meat, good bakeries, good water… without chemicals or other things…. the person is not getting fat, right?

Just think about it…

Why the government is not going after the food industries, because it’s killing us, right? Putting things in unhealthy food what makes you addictive to it, should be a crime, right? The number one thing is to be healthy is to eat good food, why is this not number one priority for the government?

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