A 10 month-old Baby Could Have FOUR Covid Shots for “Best Protection”…

Why parents want to give to their babies an experimental covid-19 vaccine with boosters when the covid-19 virus is no danger to the babies? How many babies died on the covid-19 virus and how many survive the covid-19 virus without any problem? Using an experimental covid-19 booster for babies, it would mean that a lot of babies die like adults, right?

Do the doctor, nurses, drug store etc… who give this booster says to the parent that it’s an experimental covid-19 booster? There is no long-time data for the boosters, right?

0.001% or less babies died from the first alpha covid-19 virus, they say, do babies need a booster for an mutated omicron covid-19 virus? When a virus mutates, it becomes less strong, right? How is the death in % now for the omicron covid-19 virus for babies?

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