It’s really not that simple but it’s also really that simple, getting inflation down to 2.2% means unemployment up to 10.6%…

Right now, we the people are not feeling anything positive with what’s going on like putting the dollar up, right? Prices in the store don’t get down and the government says it does, right?

When the dollar is higher it means companies will sell less to foreign countries because it’s too expensive to buy from America because the dollar is too high, right? It would mean companies have to fire people because they sell less, right?

The dollar went up in the last year more than 13% that means the prices overseas for American made product went up to more than 13%, who buys than American made products?

How many companies left under Joe the USA production, because it’s cheaper to produce outside of America and to bring back the product to America now? On the End, Americans pay more money for everything, we see this in the Store, gas, oil, clothes, meat, chicken, soap, cars, fees, tax, etc… right?

Think about it, every time the dollar went up, we gave money to Ukraine, right?

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