Massive Fetterman Health Coverup Underway — Worse Than We Thought…

It could be that he had another stroke because of the pressure from work, right? When someone has s stroke like this and when the person is over 50 years old, it will never be like it was before, right? Even younger people when they have a stroke like he had last year, it will never come back to be able to his job in senate, right?

Which doctor said he can work in congress with a brain damage of Aphasia and even more, right? This doctor did male practice and put John knowingly in danger to have more brain damage, right?

A younger brain is able to fix the damage, not all the damage but in off to function… but it takes years… John is in his 50s, he should relax his brain and doing it slowly the recovery…

How is John doing is the question, he would be doing good we would have heart from him, right?

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