The mRNA covid-19 vaccine, the past, the present, the future..

People started dying when it started, people are dying now from the covid-19 vaccine shot and people will die in the future from the shot, right?

Albert says they are working on the mRNA since 2018 to have flu shot with mRNA…

How many people died on the mRNA shots from 2018 to 2020?

The mRNA was not proven to be good, Albert says, right? That means it was and is an experiment because people are dying from it, right?

Who is behind all of this, who wanted to use this new technology mRNA shots on the people?

Remember when Joe moved to the White House in 2021, he stopped the production of the mRNA covid-19 vaccine from President Trump for two months, because he said it’s not good and there will be changes made, right? What changes were made?

New Regulation came with Joe Biden…

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