Bernie Sanders Asked Point Blank If He’s ‘Benefiting’ From System He’s ‘Trying To Dismantle’ With Book Tour…

Bernie Sanders is living a capitalist life and wants the people to live a socialist live, right? Every communist politician or socialist politician is living a capitalist live and the people have to live in communism, right?

Can someone tell me one socialist or communist politicians who lives what he wants for the people in the World?

Bernie Sanders like communism, that why he had his honeymoon in the 80s in the USSR, right?

Bernie loves communism, where the government control everything and then one year later in 1989-1991 everything collapses what Bernie loves, right? The main problem is he is not living what he is promoting, right? Best, look at China, how everything is controlled and the people have no freedom, right?

How many Houses Bernie owns and how much tax is he paying?

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