Government control with a button to switch to off no power, switch on power… everything can be of when everything is digital…

We were seeing it in Canada, they could freeze everything from the truckers, right? No more banking, no more money, no more driving, no more… they even could look you in your own house, right? Every app on your phone could be frozen or turned off, think about what is already controlled by apps?

This is the beauty of digital for the government, everything can be turned off with a button… right? It could even said what you can buy today in the store today… like today there is not meat for you, or you bought already to much meat this month and now you have to wait until next month, right?

They even could say to you, you have no access to this facility because you don’t have this vaccine, remember?

Everything will be controlled by some people with this digital, app, and you better behave, or they can turn you off right?

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