Never forget how the democrats cheered rioters for 8 Month and dozens of people got killed… the 2020 demonstration happen und the pandemic lockdown and was not a problem…

The mass media even said this are peaceful protest, right? The democrat even put money together to bail the rioters out of jail, right?

American cities were burning, stores were burning, people to killed, we no-go zones… and all of this was not a problem for the democrats and the mass media, right?

Don’t forget, all of this was in the lockdown of 2020 from the pandemic, and this was not a problem, right? In Europe people were forced to stay home like here in America, people couldn’t have more than 5 people in the house, border grossing was forbidden, people all, every single one of the covid-19 people died in the hospitals… but it was ok to go in the street to demonstrate, 10’000 of thousands of people went in the street and it was not a problem in the pandemic, right? That proves that the covid-19 pandemic was a hoax and a lie, right?

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