Other Nations had contact to twitter to sensor people, doctors, professionals… who question the Pandemic, mRNA covid-19 vaccine…

People were blocked who told the truth and people die because of this, right? Who is responsible for that? People are sick, invalid, homeless, broken, died, still dying… because the truth was not allowed on social medias so that people could get the information, right?

Information was blocked all over the world and now we know people died because of this information bloke, right?

Who got the covid-19 vaccine or booster and would not doing it again to let dem jab with the covid-19 vaccine? That says it all, that we had an information bloke, right? Is this a crime?

Why was the government paying the mass media? How much more money the mass media made under the covid-19 pandemic?

Bill Gates said it in Oktober 2019 at the Event 201, the most imported things is to have the mass media under control, why he said this?

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