RNA, the connector from the DNA information to the cells… how is the mRNA working…

How a vaccine works,

Vaccines generally work by introducing a piece of a virus or bacteria into your body so you can develop long-lasting immunity to the pathogen. While the piece introduced by the vaccine rapidly fades away, your body’s immune system remembers what it saw. When it encounters the virus or bacteria in the real world it mounts a strong immune response preventing or decreasing the severity of infection.  

How a mRNA vaccine works

RNA is the connection between the DNA and the cell, the mRNA covid-19 vaccine is true the RNA putting the spike protein in the cells and then somehow it should work with the immune system, right?


Now the question is what kind of protein it is what was jab in our body, is it natural or not?

The RNA is transmitting the DAN genetic information to the cells, and now we interrupting it and putting new information true the RNA in the cells, right? That means the cells thinks it is the DNA code the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, right? How does the body react when foreign information come true the RNA and the body thinks it come from the DNA hard drive of the body? Do we mess up the body?

Right now we see people are dying from the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, that means the body doesn’t react good with the interruption of the DNA trans fare true the RNA transmission, right?

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