Interesting information about ‘vaccine shedding’ that I wasn’t aware of…

It’s said that the mRNA covid-19 vaccine is not a live vaccine.

A vaccine needs to have live viruses that it can shade, it’s said, right?

What is vaccine shedding?

Vaccine shedding is when an individual releases, or sheds, the components of a vaccine either inside or outside of their body.

This can only happen with a certain type of vaccine called a live-attenuated vaccine. Some examples of live-attenuated vaccines that are commonly given in the United States include the:

  • measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine
  • flu nasal spray vaccine (FluMist)
  • chickenpox vaccine
  • rotavirus vaccine

We have now unvaccinated people who says when they out and close to some people that they feel different and when the getting away from people it’s getting better, that means the mRNA covid-19 vaccine could shade, right?

The mRNA covid-19 vaccine is a new vaccine or injection, the pharma is still experimenting, that means they don’t know everything yet and it could shade the mRNA covid-19 vaccine to other people, right?

Question, why the mRNA covid-19 vaccine needs to be storage be -40 degrees when there is no live in it?

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