Dr. McCullough: “It Looks Like The mRNA Is Transferring From The Vaccinated To The Unvaccinated!”…

The mRNA is in the body, and it could transfer to unvaccinated people, it would mean the DNA is changed, right?

It could mean that the mRNA is transferring the same way as Aids to other bodies? It would mean it is similar to aids, because people have now immune system problems like with aids? It could be even worse than aids because it attacks right away the body and can create heart attacks, myocarditis, blood clots…, right?

It would be criminal for the pharma to give this to people without consent, and with consent it means knowing what in the vaccine and what it does and can do to the body or not knowing, right?

Who from the pharma people took this experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine? Who from the politic took this experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine?

How many people have to die from the experimental covid-19 vaccine or the approved one from Pfizer, that it becomes mass murder?

Albert Bourla from Pfizer took the mRNA covid-19 vaccine what they give to people?

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