By now you know PARASITES (along with their many poisons) are responsible for many serious illnesses…. but fewer people realize that parasites also ‘dumb us down’. Ivermectin, parasites, controlling people…

It would explain why our kids are getting so many vaccines… the pharma and the government doesn’t want people to be healthy, right?

When people depend on the government with medicines, it’s easy to control the people, right?

How many people are on prescription drug in America? How many kids are on prescription drugs in America?

The food is another controlling mechanism to make people sick and depended, look at the ingrediencies list of anything you buy in the store, there are so many things in it, we didn’t have 30 years ago and people where happier and healthier, right?

look at the bread… is this healthy?

Ask, why so many Americans are obis now days?

The government want us to fat and obis, because it’s better for the government to control us?

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