World economic touts having “write level” permission to edit your genes and how the COVID vaccine was an “engineered code” with messenger RNA…

Listen to her what she is saying about the covid-19 vaccine, this was not told us, it was said it’s a vaccine, right? Would you have gotten the covid-19 vaccine with knowing that it changes your body system?

She says in the video that the RNA is changed by the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, the DNA will be changed too?

Whether the CDC wants to deal with the diametrically opposed Swedish research findings or not, it would behoove them to respond immediately or risk losing the remaining shards of credibility they have left in public perception. Furthermore, the Swedish study backs up what Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at MIT, predicted in May 2020.

On Feb. 26, 2022, Seneff tweeted, “More surprises from the mRNA jabs. Dr. Greg Nigh and I predicted that the RNA would get converted into DNA by LINE-1 last May. Guess what? New research proves it’s happening, at least in vitro.” That’s exactly what the Swedes found:

It could enhance… it also could go the ither way, right? We were seeing it with this experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine what happened, right? More people died in 2021 with the covid-19 vaccine then in 2020 without the covid-19 vaccine, is this in the eyes of the WEF a success?

Is this a success, when so many died… and it’s said it’s even much more, right? Not everything was reported…

Just listen when they told us this lies so that we get covid-19 vaccinated…

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