Remember when the US government bribed Americans with greasy, high-fat junk food to take the jab…

People got a pizza, a burger, a gift card… to get an experimental covid-19 vaccine and they didn’t say it’s an experiment, right? In a real pandemic, people don’t need to be bribed to be saved, right?

In a real pandemic people would drop dead in the street, at home, at work, in their sleep… but everyone died in the hospital, why? Since the covid-19 vaccine started, people are dying in the street, at home, at work, in their sleep… think about it, why?

Do we have now a Covid-19 vaccine pandemic? We know now for sure people, young people, older people… are just dying, the heart just stop working, why?

When these politicians, actors, mass media… where saying the covid-19 vaccines are safe and were promoting it, Pfizer had over 1200 side effects were they still had to look in to it from the covid-19 vaccine….

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