Meet the biology professor who named the surging ‘Kraken’ COVID variant. He has more to help make sense of Omicron’s ‘alphabet soup’…

There are so many different covid cases, Alpha, Delat, Omicron, BA.5, BA.4, BQ1.1, XBB.1.5, BA2.75….right? How many more are coming? What is the different between all of this different Covid viruses?

When a virus mutates, it becomes less strong, the covid-19 virus has at list 5 times mutated, that means it should not kill any one anymore, right? With the Alpha, the strongest on in 2020, less people died in 2020 then in 2021, why? We didn’t have a covid-19 vaccine in 2020 and less people died on the strongest coivi-19 virus than after when we have a covid-19 vaccine and the virus is less strong, what does this means?

Do we have now a covid-19 vaccine pandemic?

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