@KariLake: “We had all of the evidence… they were printing a 19″ image on a 20″ ballot causing a jam-up in the machines at nearly 60% of polling locations… over 300,000 (ballots) had no chain of custody… 2 days after the election 25,000 ballots just mysteriously appeared.”…

They showed all the prove and evidence and was bot in off, why? Not having an answer is on off for the democrats to win an election it looks like, right? Where else this happen in America in the 2022 election? Did this also happen in the 2020 election?

When 60% of voting machines are not working at polling location is not a problem for the democrats, right? Who did the printing of the on a 19″ image on a 20″ ballot? Why this only happen in a republican county?

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