What our government is doing to us, and how it is functioning… that nothing is changing…

We all should understand out of our own experiences what the government is doing to us… we’re having less freedom than a few years ago… news fees and regulations and new law are coming, and they are already here…

Look what the government did to us with this corona… we all got threaten and scared we will die when we not getting the covid-19 vaccine… and now, more people are dying from than before we had a covid-19 vaccine…. just check for yourself, 2020 and 2021 corona death.

Everything is controlled by the government, we the people getting treated, we are dump and don’t understand our own body and health, the government knows better…

Why they are doing this to us, what is the end goal of this? Government control means also socialism communism… do people know this? And the best is in socialism and communism, it only is for the people, the politicians live a capitalism life… look at their income, how many houses they own, how they are protected, where they go in holidays, how much money they have on their bank account, their net worth… you can check this in every country…

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