They’re telling us with tax, we can change the climate… Now Germany is starting its coal plants again, China is building more coal plants, China doesn’t need to anything about the climate until 2030, India doesn’t need to anything ether…

Where does the money go and went from the Paris climate agreement?

We would have a real crisis; solar panels would be free, and anyone would learn to plant their own food. We would produce anything in our own countries and not ship anything from China around the world… with this container ships what makes around 15% of this Co2 problem they say we have in the world.

We would also produce less plastic, but we are producing more and more plastic, look when you buy something in the store how much plastic there is… you can’t buy anything without plastic… why?

The rich are getting richer with this Climate change and great reset, more and more control… no more freedom, you have to obey what they say it’s right… How we call this also?

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