North Carolina elections board votes against allowing counties to scrutinize ballot signatures

Democrats on the state board outvoted Republicans 3-2 to deny a requested declaratory ruling from the state Republican Party to authorize county boards of elections to compare signatures on absentee ballot requests and return envelopes to reduce the potential for voter fraud, The Carolina Journal reports.

Why putting than any signature on it? When you see a signature what is suspicious, compare suspicious signatures than would be illegal, why?

Democrat board member Stella Anderson argued against the motion because she said approving the authority “would potentially impose additional requirements beyond the statutory requirements,”

The word would, what does it mean? We can say also she thinks… by law, is this valid the word would? Is security under the word would, could, I think, maybe…? Facts are not good when it’s proven, therefor we are not checking, is this right when we talk about voting fraud? Is it a crime voter fraud?

Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history.

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